Monday, October 23, 2017


My newest publication features my life to date, at least as I remember it. 

Excerpt from 1951:

" Chapter Five

Flood of ‘51

In the dark of the night, the football team was assigned to knock on the doors of all the residents of the barracks and assist in their evacuation.  One of the handsomest men I had ever seen named Earl Hobbs, the Ft. Hays football team’s quarterback, gathered me up in my pink bunny blanket Nana had embroidered for me and carried me to the upper 3rd floor of the Campus Stadium for safety midst the football team who gave up their beds and space.  Daddy and Momma were behind us with Stew and as much of Stew’s bottles as Momma could stuff into the pockets of her new winter coat (a gift from her folks at Christmas).
            I remember how black (all electricity was gone), it was and glass bottles were hitting the linoleum covered concrete floor, as mothers attempted to give their children their bottles and the kids either missed the exchange or as they finished them, tossed them to the floor.  We were there until daybreak, when a flat-bed truck took us to the City Hall, where we found donuts, clean water and coffee provided by the Red Cross.  I remember a large table filled with socks of every size for those who had nothing dry on their feet.  Momma said she put a pair on and then realized that with her still wet shoes placed over the dry socks, the whole process was for naught.  Momma having donned her new winter coat, soon realized while trying to navigate in four feet of water, that a wet wool coat was not going to aid her progress."

Many such memories may trigger your own.  I hope so, as all autobiographies are about sharing.