Thursday, August 20, 2015

DEEP WATER~Sequel to The Writer and Her Agent series......

Jenny & Doug in Algeciras
This is the sequel to Assignment ~ NOLA which is the sequel to Assignment ~ Love.  Both of these forerunners to Deep Water are about Jennifer Lee Stewart who was and always has been a writer.  Her work began as a reporter for the local newspaper during college and afterward, and after she married and became pregnant in Baton Rouge, she began writing for API as a freelance writer.  She branched into Romance Novels for steadier income until the children grew up.  Her first husband was Kenneth Olson, an architect who after 25 years of marriage to Jenny takes a mistress in his assistant.  Jenny catches them in flagrante delicto in her and Ken’s bed and realizes she and Ken haven’t enough left between them as a couple since their last child left the nest, to try to repair their marriage.  After a quick divorce, Jenny moves to a smaller home next door to a hunk who immediately is attracted to her as well.  This hunky neighbor, Douglas Campbell Nelson, who shares with her that his credentials include being a CPA for the government, finds he must warn her on her first night in her new home that their neighbors could be a danger to her.  Before their second date is over they both receive phone calls from their bosses and are assigned immediately to Mexico in pursuit of one the most corrupt cartels….the Los Endekas (in this novel Los Zetas) who have just buried innocent tourists and locals in Tamaulipas, Mexico after stealing their money, jewelry and raping them.  Their assignments pair them (Jenny as a free-lance writer for API and Doug as an FBI Agent) from the beginning on their flight to Mexico where Jenny figures out that Doug is more than a CPA and their futures take on an exciting and romantic twist while pursuing the drug runners along the Gulf Coast. 
In Assignment ~ NOLA Jenny and Doug are now married and Doug is asked to assist an old Marine buddy/ex FBI Agent/Friend who is attempting to determine if the Football Bounty problem is true or not midst the Saints Football Team in New Orleans.  Doug takes a Leave of Absence from the FBI in order to help his buddy and Jenny accompanies him in order to make his cover as Recruiter and his Wife seem more kosher as undercover work dictates.  He and Jenny soon find the mafia is involved and the FBI decides they want them both representing the FBI in order to keep better tabs on the mafia and  its’ involvement in the Bounty situation.  Great food, a kidnap, a 300 year old River Plantation with a ghost which takes over Jenny at every opportunity and fantastic sex between the newlyweds keeps Assignment ~ NOLA humming along until the surprising end.

Now Doug and Jenny are being asked by the FBI to follow up on their OP-Mission Interception found in Assignment ~ Love with a new mission in Algeciras, Spain…….on AMAZON under Kathleen Boston McCune

Friday, June 14, 2013

Kathleen Boston McCune Has Written A New Book

Dear friend of Kathleen Boston McCune,

PublishAmerica is proud to announce the release of Kathleen Boston McCune's new book: Treasured Pioneers!
Here's what the book is about: Kansas became the goal for the Johnson and Campbell clans who were forced to find safe territory after helping the slaves in Arkansas seek asylum in Missouri on their way to the North. This is their true story told by word of mouth and finally written by Sarah Anne Campbell Boston before she passed to her Maker in the winter of 1951. Remembering being thrown into a flour bin larger than she was at barely two years old she had vivid recollections of the Indians and where she fit into the family. The rest is a collection of tales as related by her husband, Lon Boston a real cowboy who knew tales he couldn't share with a woman, and her Ma and Pa who left letters and books of their families still in Scotland, Norway and Switzerland. / I hope readers enjoy the memories as much as I enjoyed remembering not only the sagas but those who shared them with all the gusto only someone who had lived them could express. / This book, though true, includes imagined dialogue to make the story more enjoyable.

We are offering you an opportunity to secure your personal copy of Kathleen Boston McCune’s exceptional book today.  Please click here: to secure your copy of the book*, then click Add to Cart. For an introductory discount of 20%, use this coupon code: Discount20.

Thank you for your interest in our author's wonderful achievement.

Have a great day!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Kansas Plains Blogpost focusing on ANNE....

MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012


Serenia’s story, first told in Serenia’s Kanzas, unfolds with the publication of Anne, by author Kathleen Boston McCune. (Remember, during the tumultuous time of the Civil War, Serenia’s family left Missouri to move to the new territory of Kansas?)
ANNE is the first child to live after Serenia loses three (including a set of twins) after homesteading on Thompson Creek, Ellsworth, Kansas. Anne is predictably spoiled until the next child is born….three years later, but is quick witted, red haired (like her Pa, Perry Campbell) and follows her Pa around their land, learning how to distill whiskey, read maps, tend cattle and sow crops before her Ma takes her in hand when her older sister Huldah marries a Doctor and leaves the family’s chores totally on Serenia. This story includes Anne’s discovery of emotion for a handsome cowboy named Lon Boston who works the largest horse ranch in the area. Her Uncle tries to woo him to their cattle/horse ranch and Anne sets her sites on Lon for her future as well. This story begins in 1872 and ends during the depression of the 1890s. It is available in hardback and Kindle with the hardback version in nearly every store and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most bookstores with online availability. The book’s cover is an actual photograph of Anne when she graduated college.

Anne has been recently published.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ANNE now avail in Hardback or Kindle

ANNE, the sequel to SERENIA'S KANZAS is now available in both Hardback and Kindle on Amazon. The true pioneer story of the Campbells and Johnsons who left a lucrative and thriving business in Southern Missouri to flee for their lives, homesteading in Kansas midst the still savage Indians and weather that would test the hardiest of souls.  Their determination to make a go of the freedoms found only in America where land could be had if one could improve it and stay on it at least five year,s proved to be almost more than humans could endure.  However, the Campbells and Johnsons had also come for religious freedom and their indomitable faith is what keeps them stalwart and successful in their goals.  ANNE, the first of Serena's children to live more than a month after their move to Thompson Creek in Ellsworth, is spoiled but strong and smart and a worthy Heroine for this family or any other.  Her love for Lon Boston is steadfast and true and brings his handsome but shy self eventually to admit his love for her.  Both books are available in Kindle Version for your summer reading convenience.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jenny and Doug face fear and attraction in Mexico..

Jenny and Doug find themselves thrown together on an exciting though dangerous job in Mexico.  The heat of their feelings for one another is only exceeded by the actual temperatures on the beaches near Valle Hermoso and the firing bullets of the drug cartel members.

Excerpt from the book: 
"As Jenny downed the last of her coffee she heard a scuffle coming from the library above where she sat in the Atrium.  She looked up to see a man in a Federal Police uniform cuffing a young peasant boy who was cursing frantically in Spanish and explaining his family would be killed if he couldn’t complete his mission.
            Doug and Ricardo had both run at top speed up the stairs and were at the scene within seconds.  Ricardo was obviously also an agent for the AFI because he began questioning the young man in Spanish with great authority.  The little maid who could have doubled for Demi Lovato for looks was dressed in a tiny maids costume with her long, long black hair pulled up to a pony tail and wore more makeup than any real maid.  However, this young man was not thinking about that detail when he ventured to reach for the book with the note he was told to take to his contact for the Coast Cartel.  He saw what looked like an innocent, but very sexy maid and figured she was just a maid who would not know he was not a part of the household. 
            Roberto Garcias was no more than a goat for the Coast Cartel.  He was threatened that his family would be murdered if he did not carry the book in the library of his boss to a contact he would find in nearby Valle Hermoso. " 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Serenia's Kanzas

Enjoyed signing my books at meeting with fellow students from High School and College recently in Topeka, Kansas.  I was overwhelmed by the lauds given me for having published my book of Kansas and AT FIRST GLANCE on Kindle.  Proud to be a part of such a warm hearted caring group of Kansans who are beautiful people in their own right.

I can now autograph your ebooks using Kindlegraph!!!!!